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November 19, 2019 - - The final printed issue of the Arden NewsBuoy is about to go to press. The future of the NewsBuoy is digital. Updates on the conversion will be posted here.

On behalf of the entire Arden Community, we thank star volunteer, Andrew Huppert, for his many years of dedication to Arden's NewsBuoy. In addition to gathering news, herding articles, editing and publishing the NewsBuoy, Andrew also sold and designed advertising, arranged printing, collation, assembly and mailing for each isssue for more than 15 years. Thank you, Andrew.  Job well done.


WELCOME Lisette Mulé

We welcome Arden NewsBuoy's new Editor and Publisher, Lisette Mulé. Lisette, a long-time resident of Arden, will be a great asset as she leads our community newspaper into the digital era.

This necessary move will save much volunteer time along with the expense of printing and mailing each issue to nearly 1,000 households.

Lisette will introduce new features, a new design, color and other enhancements. We all look forward to the first digital issue, which will be published in January of 2020.



One of the many, early, activities of the Arden Civic Association was the creation and publication of a local newspaper. In 1955, the group created a small (3 page) bulletin entitled "Sunrise Beach News" that consisted almost entirely of news about the association meetings and plans, social notes about who did what and when, the new people who just moved in, who had visitors, and so on. In those days, all the services involved (including duplication and house-to-house distribution) were provided by volunteers and there was no charge for the paper. With the growth of Arden, the NewsBuoy also grew.

Over time the NewsBuoy became filled with activity news that included sporting events, scouting updates, group updates, and eventually articles on topics that affect the community as a whole. For more than 3* years, the NewsBuoy was printed 12 times a year on a monthly schedule. During that time, different individuals served in volunteer journalist positions that reported the news, an editor to put the news items into shape for publishing and layout for the printer, and individuals who folded, sealed and prepared the papers for delivery to the Post Office. Unfortunately, two major changes occurred in the history of the NewsBuoy: 1) the community lost a resident who had been volunteering his printing business as the production source for publication, and 2) with the increase in the number of residents (and the overall size of Arden itself) it became no longer feasible to depend on volunteers to hand deliver the paper.


The NewsBuoy serves as one of Arden's most active forms of communication between the governing bodies, the smaller focus groups, and the community at large. Article topics are wide-ranging, but remain in the hands of both Arden residents and the NewsBuoy staff. The staff of the Newsbuoy consists of Arden residents who volunteer their time to publish and finance each issue. With local businesses paying for advertising within the publication, Arden residents continue to enjoy the Newsbuoy free of charge.

Please note that subscriptions are available for interested parties not residing within Arden. An annual subscription is $5.00 and can be acquired by sending a check made out to Arden NewsBuoy and sent to the address below. Be sure to include a note indicating that it is for a subscription, and also be sure to include the address where you want it sent.

The NewsBuoy
PO Box 241
Crownsville, MD 21032

The NewsBuoy is always looking for residents to assist with its publication, whether it be the contribution of an article, some time, or an advertisement for your business, we appreciate your willingness to get involved.



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