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  • Tue, March 31, 2020 4:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I reached out to DNR about the no recreational boating. They referred me to the new Frequently asked Questions.

    — Scott Stose, ABI Chair

    Here is the info:

    March 31, 2020
    Governor Hogan has issued a Stay at Home Order in response to the global COVID-19 public health crisis. While there are certain exceptions for essential functions, the primary intent of the order is for people to stay at home in order to limit the spread of the virus. 

    With that in mind, here is some additional guidance in response to questions the department has received. This is current guidance and subject to change throughout the duration of the public health emergency. 

    Can I go hunting? Limited hunting is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.

    Can I go fishing? Limited fishing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.

    Can I go boating? Recreational boating is prohibited until the governor lifts the executive order or until the State of Emergency has ended. However, if an individual is boating to seek food for them or their family, boating is permitted. Boats used to transport essential employees or goods as defined in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce are also permitted. 

    Does kayaking or paddle boarding count as recreational boating? Since kayaking and paddle boarding are a form of exercise, they are permitted under the executive order. Guidance on social distancing and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed. 

    I live on my sailboat – can I still be in my boat slip or moored out? If your boat serves as your residence, you can remain on the vessel.

    Can I go to a state park? Hiking, biking, and walking are allowed under the executive order but social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed. Most state parks are open but some have been closed or have restricted areas. Please choose a park nearest your home to limit travel and be sure to check our website before you leave for the park and read our guidelines for social distancing in state parks. Natural Resources Police and Maryland Park Service staff are authorized to enforce the governor’s executive order and will close areas and disperse crowds as necessary.

    Can you fish in a state park? Limited fishing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.

    Can you fish/crab from a boat if it is for sustenance? Limited recreational fishing and crabbing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed. 

    Can charter boats work next month since they technically fall under the recreational quota from a fisheries standpoint? As part of the food supply chain, charter boats can continue operating but must abide by social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on gatherings of more than 10 people. Charter boats and head boats should NOT have more than 10 individuals on the vessel at any time.

    Wildlife offices are closed, so hunters cannot get a permit to hunt on managed lands. Are managed lands closed to hunting? Limited hunting is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed. Hiking, biking and walking are also allowed. Please check the department’s website for the most recent information on closures before visiting DNR’s managed lands.

    Are marinas an essential business now that boating is not allowed? The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) defines certain marine trades and marine services as essential. Additionally, the interpretive guidance that accompanied Executive Order 20-03-23-01 includes the following language:

    “Companies engaged in the … distribution, and sale of oil, gas, and propane products” (section 2.g.ii) and “companies that supply parts, or provide maintenance and repair services for transportation assets and infrastructure including… marine vessels” (section 2.m.xii).

  • Thu, March 05, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Arden Beach Checkers needed for Summer 2020

    ABI is now accepting applications for 2020 Beach Checkers. Applications must be submitted by April 1st. For general information and the job description visit the Beach Checker application page.

    Being an Arden Beach Checker is a great opportunity to earn money, enjoy the summer, hang out at our beloved Arden beaches, and serve the community.

    Note to ALL Arden residents and their guests: All Arden Beach Checkers will wear tee shirts bearing their emblem:

    Beach Checkers will verify all Beach Passes and advise Beachgoers of the rules, should anyone need reminding. This is a good time to reread Arden's Beach Rules

    Have a great summer everyone!

    — Scott Stose, ABI Chair

  • Sat, February 22, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    It was a win!

    2020 Annual Open House: Over 20 Arden residents attended ABI’s 2020 Open House, one week ago, and paid their annual dues or procured permits. This year’s attendance was less than 30% of the attendance of ABI’s 2019 Open House. We consider this a huge win! The lower attendance was a reflection of more people using the new website for their ABI Dues account and fewer wanting or needing to attend the Open House to pay in person.

    Eight volunteers made this year’s Open House run smoothly. Thank you to Sonja and Don Snelgrove, Vicki Durst, my sister Treva Stose, Joan Shank, Ben Levitt, and Etta and Art Bardelang.

    — Scott Stose, ABI Chair

  • Wed, February 19, 2020 7:00 AM | Anonymous

    View ABI's Full 2019 Impact Report

    2019 was a BIG year for ABI

    2019 was a significant and work-intensive year for ABI, the Board of Directors and many volunteers. The new website, launched in late 2018 generated record dues payments and donations. It engaged our community and fostered a tremendous increase in website interactions. 

    The website project came about after years of popular demand for online payments as well as a better forum for ABI information. The website was ABI's largest project of the year. We ask the community to continue to support the new website and the efforts of our Board, volunteers and terrific ABI Registrar, who work hard and long hours to serve the community. 

    ABI continues to improve and tweak the website. We are always looking for ways to enhance it. Contact us at with any suggestions you may. 

    2019 saw the return of three very popular and successful neighborhood gatherings:

    • Spring Cleanup & Appreciation Party
    • Arden Bull Roast Party
    • Wine, Swine & Brie Party

    ABI continued to oversee the maintenance of Arden's beaches, boat ramps and several common properties. Many repairs and improvements were made including repairing the playground on Beach 1 and professionally removing over a dozen trees that were in danger of falling onto properties adjacent to ABI. One of ABI's top concerns is keeping our and surrounding properties safe.

    We are ready for 2020. Our 2020 Budget has been approved and we are acting upon it. It looks to be another year full of promise and much good will. Thank you for your support!

    — Scott Stose, ABI Chair

  • Tue, February 18, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Let us know!

    If you are leaving Arden, whether you are a renter or property owner, let us know. Use Arden's Contact Form. We will remove you from ABI's mailing list for dues reminders. If you would like to keep in touch with Arden, let us know an we will change your website login access to "Friends of Arden." You can continue to view the website and read Notes to Arden and receive newsletters. We wish you well in your new adventures. 

    If you are new to Arden, whether you are a renter or property owner, let us know. Use Arden's Contact Form. We'll help you register to pay annual dues and order the Beach Passes, Vehicle Permits, Boat Ramp Permits and Dinghy Dock Permits. Welcome to Arden! 


  • Fri, February 14, 2020 7:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We live in a terrific neighborhood full of wonderful neighbors. There are many fine examples of neighborliness, kindness and generosity all around us.

    Today's Notes to Arden is dedicated to everyone in Arden who makes a difference in our community. 

    This love is for you.

    40 ways to show neighborly love on Valentine's Day and every day

      1. Smile. Wave. Say hello.
      2. Take walks through the neighborhood. Be observant.
      3. Encourage your neighbor's good endeavors.
      4. Give away things you don’t need on Arden’s Facebook page. 
      5. Donate pet food to an animal shelter.
      6. Call the neighbors you haven’t spoken to for awhile. 
      7. Offer to go to the store to get someone’s groceries. 
      8. Write a thank you note to your local heroes. 
      9. Ask a local food bank or shelter what they need; fulfill what you can.
      10. Send a care package to a neighbor’s daughter or son who is in the military and deployed. 
      11. Be kind. Say kind things.
      12. Visit widows and widowers. Visit anyone who may be lonely.
      13. After garbage pickups, move your neighbor’s bins back to their house, especially if they are elderly, disabled, or not at home.
      14. Take groceries or a gift card to a family in need.
      15. Send a card or text complimenting a neighbor's recent home improvement or landscaping project.
      16. Invite a neighbor into your home. 
      17. Volunteer for charities that serve our neighbors.
      18. Plant bee-friendly flowers. Bees help everyone. 
      19. Make your house inviting. Keep your home exterior and property tidy. 
      20. Pick up trash whenever you see it. 
      21. Be considerate. Keep noise and music to a minimum. Everyone needs their sleep; many need to sleep during the day. 
      22. If you borrowed something from a neighbor, return it promptly in good condition with a thank you.
      23. Don’t let your trees fall on your neighbor's property. 
      24. Make conversation with people you see regularly.
      25. Welcome your new neighbor.
      26. If you’ve not met one of your neighbors, introduce yourself. 
      27. Offer an evening of free babysitting to parents who could use a break. 
      28. Offer to help an elderly or disabled person with yard work.
      29. Thank a teacher, pastor, coach, police, fire fighter, park ranger, Arden volunteer, and anyone who has had a positive impact in your life.
      30. Host a potluck dinner for your neighbors.
      31. Stand up to bullies.
      32. Don’t be critical of your neighbors. Take your differences offline. Resolve them with civility.
      33. Invite someone you don’t know well over for coffee or tea.  
      34. Shop and contract locally from independently-owned businesses. 
      35. Drive safely.
      36. Share your knowledge. 
      37. Speak the truth.
      38. Forgive.
      39. Be kind to animals and other people's pets. Watch out for them.
      40. Practice random acts of kindness. 

    Next week is Random Acts of Kindness Week and Monday, February 17th  is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

    Download FREE Random Acts of Kindness posters, calendars, bookmarks, certificates, tags and Bingo cards. 

    #MakeKindnessTheNorm     #KindnessStartsWithOne

    PS. Remember to support the youth of our community. Whether they are boyscouts, girlscouts, 4H, band members, athletic organizations or other, lend them attention, your time and your support.

  • Thu, February 06, 2020 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Submit your Arden events for inclusion in Arden On The Severn's community calendar, send details to

    1 - Name and contact information

    2 - Name of the event

    3 - Date

    4 - Start time and stop time

    - Location

    6 - Brief description.

    If your event is a fundraiser or requires paid admission, include all applicable details. Send any artwork, designed advertisement, brochure, flyer, or a printed invitation in a .jpg or .png format. 

  • Sun, February 02, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

     Bill and Phil

    Spring is in the air; Make Beach Reservations Now

    Happy Groundhog Day! We hope Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow today. Keep an eye on good 'ol Phil while you can; his days may be numbered. Did you know that Punxsutawney Phil is at least 132 years old and his full name is Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators, and Weather Prophet Extraordinary. It's true. Believe it!

    We won't make it to Gobbler's Knob to witness Phil's annual forecast this year, because we WERE planning to be in Miami for the Super Bowl!

    Alas, we are disappointed that our beloved Ravens did not make it that far this year. Their absence from today's big game has us in a mood and looking for a pleasant distraction. I need more than Buffalo Wings and Stuffed Jalepenos! Thank you, Groundhog Phil, for reminding us of Spring. Because THEN comes summer. Thoughts of beach parties, summer cookouts, volleyball and boating are coming to mind. I need to make beach reservations for our family's annual crab feast and cookout. 

    It's not too soon to make your 2020 Beach Reservations! Beat the rush. Grab your dates. I'm grabbing mine.

    Take a few minutes to check Arden's Beach Reservation Calendar. Pick an available day and time for reserving the Beach of your Choice. Review the the Beach Reservations Page. Complete Arden's Beach Reservation form

    Then sit back and enjoy today's big game knowing your summer plans are in gear.

    Go Ravens! Superbowl 2021! Thank you for a great 2019!

    — ABI Admin

  • Fri, January 17, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NOTE: This post is a copy of the text of an email notification sent to all email addresses that ABI has on record for Arden Property Owners and Residents:

    Dear Arden Beaches Inc Shareholders and residents,

    Our Arden Beaches Inc (ABI) annual shareholders meeting will start promptly at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 27th, 2020 at Arden Town Hall on Omar Drive. Doors will be open for registration and share purchasing at 6:30 pm. 

    Our records indicate that you either live in Arden on the Severn or own shares in Arden Beaches Inc. A Shareholder has 1 vote for every 1 share owned. Residents may attend but may not cast a vote at this meeting; only Shareholders may vote. 

    Shares are available for sale after the doors open and prior to voting at $50 per share (Check or Cash) at Town Hall. Or, you can purchase shares online before January 27th using the ABI Share Purchase Form. For reference, we maintain ABI Share Records on the website in the members-only Section.

    In the event of adverse weather conditions, the following policy will be enacted: If Anne Arundel County schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather, the shareholder's meeting will be rescheduled. If such an event occurs on January 27th, 2020, you will be notified of an alternate date through a posting on the community calendar on the Arden website. If needed, the alternate date will likely be Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at 7 pm.

    Agenda items for the meeting are as follows:

    • State of the Corporation
    • Treasurer's Report
    • Capital Improvements Plan for 2020
    • Proposed Operating Budget for 2020
    • Reading of Proposed Bylaw Changes (none this year). The current ABI bylaws are posted on the Arden website. We recommend reviewing the current bylaws prior to the annual meeting.
    • Nomination of Board Members
    • Vote on 2020 Board members
    • Vote on 2020 Fiscal Budgets 

      Anyone interested in serving on the Board should contact your section representative to be placed on the ballot. You may also nominate yourself at the meeting.  

      If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may assign your vote(s) to another shareholder using the proxy form that is posted on the website

      The Board of Governors looks forward to seeing you at ABI's 2020 Annual Shareholder meeting. 


      Board of Directors Arden Beaches Incorporated


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