Annual Spring Cleanup Updates/Announcements

Thu, April 23, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Yesterday was Earth Day!

Keeping in line with past clean-up efforts, ABI still needs your help! ABI is following local/state mandates for social distancing/public gatherings and therefore must cancel/postpone the Annual Spring Clean-up previously scheduled for this Saturday, April 25th, 2020. Look for future updates.

We recognize that our community beaches need some attention. Every year, we strongly support this critical community effort and encourage every resident to do what they can. This year, all we can hope for is that residents take it upon themselves to do what they are capable of doing, or are comfortable with. If a family contributes their time at their own convenience, we can minimize social gatherings.

While the annual "organized community event" is necessary to the well-being of our beaches, we sincerely hope, we can still achieve our goals with your support. This event historically minimizes our need to hire local contractors for the maintenance required.

If any resident can contribute materials required (paint/stain/wood/hardware), we will gratefully reimburse any cost associated and will happily supply any materials we have in stock. Check with your Section Rep.

Just a reminder... We prefer not to bag our biodegradable waste in plastic trash bags. Anne Arundel County does not allow plastic bags of biodegradable material at the landfill. Not only do we have to transport the bags, but we must empty them when dumping at the landfill. This is not a practical use of time and effort nor is it environmentally friendly. As in the past, either bag organic matter in the county approved paper bags (marked for biodegradable) or haul the organic debris off into the woods where it can safely decompose. If you encounter non-biodegradable trash, bag it and we will come around and pick it up or better yet, set it out with your own trash on Thursday night!

Many projects are planned and materials are already purchased so check with your section rep how to best help out.

Example: We have purchased a couple picnic table frames and wood and will be assembling those in the next couple weeks. Some older tables are destined for the dumpster and will be removed soon.

All launch ramp locks are being reworked and re-installed in the next week or so.

Here is a partial list of tasks at hand by beach:

Beach • 1  Build picnic table, stain existing tables, fix trash bins, rake debris particularly from the drainage ditch, pick up trash and debris.

Beach • 2  Weed and mulch, rake debris and pick up trash. Most major projects have been completed in recent years.

Beach • 4  Re-clad top of seawall, cut weep holes in seawall, repair trash bin holders, remove derelict toys and build a new toy box that drains (mosquito breeder), rebuild horseshoe pit, replace volleyball posts and net.

Beach 5  Stain picnic tables but move from under pavilion before doing so due to drips, remove unclaimed or derelict toys, furniture and grills. Remove leaves and debris.

Another Reminder: it is ABI policy not to allow residents to bring their own tables, chairs, toys, grills to the beach and leave them. While it may seem like a good use of leftover or slightly used products, frequently they become liabilities or eyesores. We recognize that many of you assume you are helping, but often the items are in rough shape or are not maintained, thus we must remove them. This is not strongly enforced because we all have our own idea of what is an eyesore or liability. The simplest solution is to not leave your items at the beach!

We hope to have a Volunteer Appreciation Party soon but we will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

All of your efforts are much appreciated. It is wonderful how much pride and sense of community we have here in AOTS. I am amazed at all of the local support and the outpouring of love from our neighbors in this time of need!

Thank you Arden!

Scott Stose, ABI Chair

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