Love Your Neighborhood - A Valentine's Day Tribute

Fri, February 14, 2020 7:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We live in a terrific neighborhood full of wonderful neighbors. There are many fine examples of neighborliness, kindness and generosity all around us.

Today's Notes to Arden is dedicated to everyone in Arden who makes a difference in our community. 

This love is for you.

40 ways to show neighborly love on Valentine's Day and every day

    1. Smile. Wave. Say hello.
    2. Take walks through the neighborhood. Be observant.
    3. Encourage your neighbor's good endeavors.
    4. Give away things you don’t need on Arden’s Facebook page. 
    5. Donate pet food to an animal shelter.
    6. Call the neighbors you haven’t spoken to for awhile. 
    7. Offer to go to the store to get someone’s groceries. 
    8. Write a thank you note to your local heroes. 
    9. Ask a local food bank or shelter what they need; fulfill what you can.
    10. Send a care package to a neighbor’s daughter or son who is in the military and deployed. 
    11. Be kind. Say kind things.
    12. Visit widows and widowers. Visit anyone who may be lonely.
    13. After garbage pickups, move your neighbor’s bins back to their house, especially if they are elderly, disabled, or not at home.
    14. Take groceries or a gift card to a family in need.
    15. Send a card or text complimenting a neighbor's recent home improvement or landscaping project.
    16. Invite a neighbor into your home. 
    17. Volunteer for charities that serve our neighbors.
    18. Plant bee-friendly flowers. Bees help everyone. 
    19. Make your house inviting. Keep your home exterior and property tidy. 
    20. Pick up trash whenever you see it. 
    21. Be considerate. Keep noise and music to a minimum. Everyone needs their sleep; many need to sleep during the day. 
    22. If you borrowed something from a neighbor, return it promptly in good condition with a thank you.
    23. Don’t let your trees fall on your neighbor's property. 
    24. Make conversation with people you see regularly.
    25. Welcome your new neighbor.
    26. If you’ve not met one of your neighbors, introduce yourself. 
    27. Offer an evening of free babysitting to parents who could use a break. 
    28. Offer to help an elderly or disabled person with yard work.
    29. Thank a teacher, pastor, coach, police, fire fighter, park ranger, Arden volunteer, and anyone who has had a positive impact in your life.
    30. Host a potluck dinner for your neighbors.
    31. Stand up to bullies.
    32. Don’t be critical of your neighbors. Take your differences offline. Resolve them with civility.
    33. Invite someone you don’t know well over for coffee or tea.  
    34. Shop and contract locally from independently-owned businesses. 
    35. Drive safely.
    36. Share your knowledge. 
    37. Speak the truth.
    38. Forgive.
    39. Be kind to animals and other people's pets. Watch out for them.
    40. Practice random acts of kindness. 

Next week is Random Acts of Kindness Week and Monday, February 17th  is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Download FREE Random Acts of Kindness posters, calendars, bookmarks, certificates, tags and Bingo cards. 

#MakeKindnessTheNorm     #KindnessStartsWithOne

PS. Remember to support the youth of our community. Whether they are boyscouts, girlscouts, 4H, band members, athletic organizations or other, lend them attention, your time and your support.

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