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Welcome to Arden On The Severn. We are delighted that you decided to make Arden your new home. As with any major change in your life, we know that moving brings with it — unwanted stress. To alleviate some of the "moving blues", we have compiled a list of some useful information to help you get acquainted with the area. If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us. 


ABI (Arden Beaches Inc.) is the official governing body that manages and oversees the operation of of the beaches, picnic areas, and boat ramps within Arden on the Severn. ABI oversees and funds the Arden Beaches website. See the ABI section of this website to learn more about the organization, to get involved, or to locate the ABI amenities within Arden.

ABI - Arden Beaches Inc


ACA - Arden Community Association


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None of the homes within Arden are attached to a public water supply or waste (septic) disposal system. Each home is attached to its own private septic system, buried below ground on your property. It can fail if you do not maintain it, so take a few moments to read the Homeowners Guide to Septic Systems published by the USEPA. 

• Download Guide To Septic Systems


The Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works oversees the Waste Management division of our county government. The costs of county trash collection are included in your property taxes. At around 6:00 a.m. on Friday mornings, the DPW collects "general household trash," recycling, and yard waste (depending on the season). Yard waste must be bagged in paper bags. 

• Trash & Yard Waste


Anne Arundel County offers an amazingly versatile recycling program; everything goes in the same bin and they haul it away. County recycling bins are yellow and are available for free from DPW if the previous resident did not leave it behind. For more recycling information or to obtain a bin, simply follow the links below: 

• Anne Arundel County Recycling

Anne Arundel County Recycle Coach

County Recycle Bins Available


County residents are allowed to haul their own debris to the Millersville Convenience Center to trash or recycle it, usually free of charge (please check their website for accuracy). You are required to show proof of residency, so if you are new to Arden, bring some proof of your new residence.

• Millersville Landfill

local Government

The local government structure consists of a county and district system. Arden in located at the northern end of Anne Arundel County in District Two. To learn more, we have linked to the Anne Arundel County Government website's County Council section. 

• Anne Arundel County

 County Council

• County Services & Programs

• County Department of Public Works


At the local level, Arden is in the County 4th Councilman District. On the state level we are in the 33rd Legislative District. At the federal level we are split between the 3rd Congressional District the 1st Congressional District. Find your voting location now

 Maryland State Board of Elections

Find Your Voting Location

Beach Passes & Parking PERMITS

Even as a resident, you are not allowed to park at or use the beaches without acquiring the proper beach cards and/or parking permits. Arden's beaches are open to all residents, but they are considered private and are for community use only. Please see the ABI section of this website to learn how to obtain these passes and/or stickers. 

Beach Passes & Parking Permits

Beach Party ReserVations

As a resident, you are allowed to host private parties at any of ABI's beaches. However, you must register with ABI prior to holding the party to allow for non-resident parking and permission. Please see the ABI section of this website to learn how to register your party, and about the guidelines for using ABI property.


• How To Make Beach Reservations

• Beach Reservation Form

Boat Ramp Access

Before launching your boat, you must register with ABI and obtain the proper stickers and passes to ensure that your vehicle is not towed. Arden's boat ramps are open to all residents, but they are considered private and are for community use only. Please see the ABI section of this
website to learn more about launching your boat from Arden.

• Beach Passes & Parking Permits

Getting Around the neighborhood

For those that live here, Arden is fairly easy to navigate as there is only one way into and our of the neighborhood. However, the sections can be a bit more complicated! If you've lived here long enough, you have probably seen a car circling more than once because they can't figure out how to get back out. Use the button below to view and print a map of Arden.


Arden On The Severn Map



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