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The Arden Kids Club was the brainchild of resident Hennifer Patterson. In the fall of 2000, Jennifer had only lived in the community for a few months when she decided to organize many of the families in the community. Her vision was to put together a program that provided activities for the children of Arden. Her motivation was spurred on by the fact that her nine month old son, Robbie, would need activities to keep him entertained and engaged in the community. At an ACA meeting, Jennifer offered to start the club, and requested $300.00 from ACA as seed money for the group's activities. In November of 2000, the first organized meeting of the Arden Kids Club was held. In attendance were Jennifer Patterson, Annie Medford, Sharon Knowles, and Debbie Clark. From that initial meeting, the Kids Club was off and running with a mission to provide meaningful and fun activities for children of Arden, ages 12 and under.

In the months that followed that initial meeting, a New Year's Celebration, Winter Story-Time, a Valentine's Day Party, and a Mom-and-Me Tea Party followed. The Arden Kids Club also co-sponsored a Spring Dance with ACA, and helped out with the Easter Egg Hunt. The Arden Kids Club also started a tradition of organizing the Community Yard Sale that takes place annually to help raise money for future events. Sadly, Jennifer Patterson eventually left Arden when she moved, with her family, to Oregon in the summer of 2001.

Unfortunately, without an organizer running the club, it lay dormant for several months until it was ressurected in March of 2002 with an Easter Egg Hunt and Games event. Since that time, the Arden Kids Club has had a number of people step into the leadership and organizing role of ensuring that the activities that our little ones enjoy continue to materialize each year.

The Arden Kids Club is made up of parents and grandparents, from the neighborhood, who want to get to know one another while providing rewarding opportunities for their children to get to know one another. If you would like to get involved with the Arden Kids Club, it's free... so please feel free to get in touch with us!


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