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What is the difference between ABI and ACA?

ABI (Arden Beaches Inc) oversees Arden Beaches, Ramps, Picnic Areas and a few other common properties. ABI also manages and finances the Arden website. ABI collects Arden on the Severn's deed-mandated annual dues. ABI issues annual Beach Passes, Vehicle Permits and Ramp Permits to qualified households. ABI has its own Board of Directors.

ACA (Arden Community Association) oversees Town Hall and the Arden NewsBuoy. To rent Town Hall, contact ACA. ACA has its own Board of Directors and collects annual dues that are paid voluntarily.

A representative from ABI attends ACA board meetings and vice versa. ABI and ACA work together on some projects. Both groups strive to make improvements that serve the community.

I paid the annual, deed-mandated contribution to ABI, why does ACA ask for monitary contribution as well? ACA is a volunteer community organization that is dedicated to promoting a sense of community amongst the residents of Arden. While ABI uses the funds it collects to maintain access to, renovations of, and use of our beaches, ACA uses the funds we collect to further the programs that we sponsor. 

What is ACA's relationship with ABI? ACA is a separate, independent group from ABI. ACA has its own Board of Directors, volunteer staff, and program agenda. Although we are separate, ACA holds a representative position on ABI's Board of Directors so that both groups may work together and know what one another are trying to accomplish and to promote a better sense of community.

Is it possible to rent the Arden Community Association Town Hall? YES. Town Hall is available to rent for parties, celebrations, meetings, etc. If you would like to rent the building, please use the Contact Us form from this website. The building is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

I want to make a donation to ACA. Where can I send the money? We appreciate your willingness to help out the community! Please make the check payable to "Arden Community Association" and send it to P.O. BOX 241, Crownsville, MD 21032

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