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The members of the ACA Board are volunteers from within Arden who are elected to their positions.  Each of the five sections within Arden are represented by a Section Delegate.  The Executive Board strives to maintain good communication with other local organizations and county government officials in an effort to represent the community's view on specific issues. All ACA members are eligible (and encouraged) to run for a position on the Board.


Vicki Durst 

ACA Board Interim President

Christine Wojciechowski

ACA Board Secretary

Judy Krantz 

ACA Board Section 3 Rep

Pete Mulé

ACA Parliamentarian

Tony Karwoski

ACA Board Vice-President


Jessica Carzon 
ACA Board Section 1 Rep

Sonja Snelgrove
ACA Board Section 4 Rep

Art Bardelang

ACA Building Trustee

Carmen Graves 
ACA Board Treasurer

Susan Fenton 
ACA Board Section 2 Rep

Open Position
ACA Board Section 5 Rep

Jasmine Wilding


(Generals Highway Council of Civic Associations)

The single goal of Arden Community Association is to keep Arden a desirable place to live for its residents regardless of age, sex, color, religion, etc. 


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