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What is the difference between ABI and ACA?

ABI (Arden Beaches Inc) oversees Arden Beaches, Ramps, Picnic Areas and a few other common properties. ABI also manages and finances the Arden website. ABI collects Arden on the Severn's deed-mandated annual property fee. ABI issues annual Beach Passes, Vehicle Permits and Ramp Permits to qualified households. ABI has its own Board of Directors.

ACA (Arden Community Association) oversees Town Hall and the Arden NewsBuoy. If you want to rent Town Hall, contact ACA. ACA has its own Board of Directors and collects annual dues that are paid voluntarily.

A representative from ABI attends ACA board meetings and vice versa. ABI and ACA work together on some projects. Both groups strive to make improvements that serve the community.

I want to make a beach reservations for a party/gathering; who do I contact? Follow the directions on our Beach Reservations Page

On the Beach Rules it says that I am not allowed to have glass containers on the beach. Is this just for alcohol or can I bend the rules? The short answer is, you are NEVER allowed to have any glass containers at any of the beaches. The explanation is safety. There are many problems with glass, but the two most serious to us are 1) not everyone picks up after themselves and the broken glass finds its way into the sand. People continue to be cut by this glass each year whether it be in the water or on the beach. 2) your beach managers have been injured doing their duty in the past. Many people do not know that the trash on our beaches is not picked up at the beach by the county. Our beach manager hand carries the trash to the dumpsters. Both the weight of the glass in the bags and the danger of the sharp broken glass to that person is serious enough to ban glass completely.

I just moved to Arden. My vehicle address does not match my new address? What should I do? The reason we request a copy of your vehicle registration is to verify that all vehicle/ramp passes/permits are being distributed to Arden Residents ONLY. If you recently moved here, you can supply a copy of the front of either a BGE or cable bill that shows your name and address or make a copy of the change of address card you receive from the MVA. The name on the registration and the name of the person requesting passes/permits must match. We ask that you upload your documents to "Member Gallery" once you apply to pay your Annual Fee.

I moved here, or bought property in Arden, after the deadline for application for beach passes and vehicle/ramp permits. Do I have to pay the late fee? No. The late fee is only regarding the $32 required payment. Vehicle/ramp passes can be purchased at any time and there is no late fee. If the annual fee for the lot was not paid by the previous owner, we request proof that you moved into the community or purchased a lot after the due date.


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I bought a boat after the deadline for application for beach passed and vehicle/ramp permits. Do I have to pay the late fee? No. The late fee is only regarding the $32 required payment. 

I sold my old car and purchased a new car after I bought my stickers. My license plate number is different. Do I have to purchase a new sticker? No. Please contact your section representative or Registrar and explain the situation and the old pass will be voided and you will receive a new pass for your new vehicle.

Why do I have to supply a copy of my registrations for a vehicle permit and ramp permit? I paid my property fee. 
Unfortunately in the past we have had problems with residents buying passes/permits for friends/family that live outside of Arden. The reason we request a copy of the vehicle registration is to verify that pass/permit requests are for vehicles/trailers that are registered to the resident who lives in the community and not someone who doesn't live in the community. We request this information to protect our community and your/our property investment. The ABI beaches and assets add value to your property and we need to limit access to Arden residents in order to maintain this value.

Why do I have to provide my registration every year? It should be on file in your database.  We need a copy of current and valid registrations in order to issue permits to residents only. If a registration card posted to your account profile is still valid and has not expired, there is no need to provide an additional copy. When your vehicle, trailer or boat registration is renewed, upload an image of it to your profile page or send a copy to ABI by email or regular mail. 

It's February, I sent in my registration and check a month ago and still have not received my beach cards. What's the hold up? In most cases, you should receive your registration within ten days of payment unless you have an incomplete registration or an error, in which case the registrar will contact you for further information. Make sure your email address, phone number and mailing address are correct. 

How do I make beach reservations?  Click on the circle button below and follow the instructions on the linked page.

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