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Welcome Arden Residents 

PROPERTY OWNERS place your order for 2019 Annual ABI Dues, Beach Passes, Vehicle and Ramp Permits. Choose to pay by credit card or check. 

RENTERS can also order passes and permits.

ORDER ADDITIONAL beach passes or vehicle and ramp permits if you've added a new member to your household or purchased a new vehicle, boat or boat trailer.  Do not attempt to order additional passes or permits by adjusting your member profile page; use this form instead.

Before you begin, make photos of your MVA and DNR Registration cards for uploading. You will need to enter your license plate tag numbers, too.

If you have any questions about paying dues, ordering your annual passes and permits, or ordering additional passes and permits, direct your inquiry to

NEW RESIDENTS: Acquaint yourself with your new neighborhood, become familiar with our procedures, Arden On The Severn's organizations and how you can help to improve our community. If you have any questions, please contact us!


ABI manages Arden’s four beaches, boat ramp, dinghy pier and various community events. ABI has its own Board of Directors, volunteer staff, and projects. ABI collects your deed-mandated Annual Dues and issues Beach Passes, Vehicle Permit stickers, Boat Ramp and Dinghy permits. Although ABI is separate from ACA, the two groups work together to accomplish their combined goals.



ACA is a separate, independent group from ABI. ACA manages Town Hall and has its own Board of Directors, volunteer staff, clubs, projects and program agendas. Although ACA is separate, they hold a representative position on ABI's Board of Directors. The two groups work together to promote a better sense of community and to accomplish their combined goals.


Help Fund Arden's New Website

Your new Arden website and online payment gateway are the result of many months of planning and work by your ABI Board of Directors and a team of website developers and volunteers. Any amount you can contribute to help defray the costs, will be greatly appreciated.
Collected: $3,204.00
Goal: $3,500.00

Submit your group's planned events or a neighborhood gathering for inclusion in our new Arden On The Severn community calendar. Send details to abi@ardenonthesevern.comPlease include your (1) name and contact information, (2) name of the event, (3) date, (4) start time and stop time, (5) location and a (6) brief description. If your event is a fundraiser or requires paid admission, please include all applicable details. Send artwork, designed advertisement, brochure, flyer, or a printed invitation in a .jpg or .png format. 

Upcoming events

Google Public Alert System  <-- CLICK and ENTER "Maryland, USA" in order to see any local alerts. Zoom out for regional, USA and Worldwide alerts. Use the layers and legend for more detailed information.


Our community’s assigned fog night is Tuesday. Fogging can occur anytime between 7:00 PM and 2:30 AM.



Arden Town Hall is available to rent for parties, clubs, fund raisers, celebrations, meetings and more. To book the facility, please use the contact form. Town Hall is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Stay in touch with your community. Download the Wild Apricot member app for IOS or Android. Use it with your Arden website login and password to access and edit your member profile, view and register to attend Arden events, contact community members, or show your Arden Beach Pass.



Beautiful photos of Arden on the Severn are needed for this new community website. At present, we seek photographs that were taken of Arden docks, or boats-in-the-water. Submit large-size, original photos, in .jpg format, for which you own all rights, along with permission to post to Include the location and, if known, when the photo was taken.


Arden does not have an HOA. There are no articles of incorporation for Arden On The Severn. If you need more information or a COI (Certificate of Insurance) for an Arden property, click on the following link:

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